Bioscience Association of Maine (BAM)

The Bioscience Association of Maine (BAM) is a trade organization which promotes the industry's steady growth, interprets its benefits to the public, and influences pertinent public policy.

Collaborative Mission

Collectively, Maine Bioscience provides a total of seven important functions for its membership, the State of Maine, New England and global biotechnology.

These include:

  • Represent members of Maine's diverse biosciences sector
  • Advocate for governmental change in interest of its membership and partners with other industry organizations to effect change where needed
  • Provide a forum for companies and nonprofit entities to network and exchange ideas to foster the development of the biosciences
  • Foster the capacity of Maine's bioscience community to translate laboratory discoveries to commercial opportunities
  • Facilitate the formation and growth of bioscience enterprises in Maine
  • Serve as a source of education/information to enhance public visibility and recognition of the sector's important economic contributions and the future potential of Maine's biosciences community
  • Promote the establishment of commercial, governmental and educational liaisons between Maine's biosciences sector and the global biosciences community.

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