Member Companies

Here are some of the many companies and organizations that are members of the Bioscience Association of Maine.


Alere Scarborough

(207) 730-5873

At Alere, our mission is to empower individuals to take charge of their health under the supervision of their healthcare providers. We bring this vision to life by developing smart products that address broad, unmet needs and extend diagnosis from the lab, doctor’s office, and hospital to people’s homes. We also build educational health management solutions around these products, which make it easier than ever to personalize care. Our programs connect patients to information that yields diagnostic results, and our smart platforms give healthcare providers seamless and instant access to these results, supplying them with the information they need to make the best decisions.

We believe that, when people are involved in their own care, they benefit from an improved quality of life. Our products and services lead to better health, less urgent medical interventions, fewer hospital visits, and reduced healthcare costs.

Amgen, Inc.

(781) 235-1043

Amgen discovers, develops, manufactures, and delivers innovative human therapeutics. A leader in biotechnology since 1980, Amgen was one of the first companies to realize the new science’s promise by bringing safe, effective medicines from lab, to manufacturing plant, to patient. Amgen therapeutics have changed the practice of medicine, helping millions of people around the world in the fight against cancer, kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis, bone disease, and other serious illnesses.

Amgen pioneered the development of novel products based on advances in recombinant DNA and molecular biology, and launched the biotechnology industry’s first blockbuster medicines. Today, as a Fortune 500 company serving millions of patients, Amgen continues to be an entrepreneurial, science-driven enterprise dedicated to helping people fight serious illness.



Artel is the world-leading liquid handling quality assurance expert. The company specializes in solving liquid handling quality, productivity and compliance challenges for laboratories. Its customers include pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and regulatory bodies, as well as laboratories in the university, clinical, diagnostic, forensic, public health and environmental sectors.                                                                                                      

Baker Company

(207) 324-8773

For more than 60 years, Baker has helped advance science, discovery and clinical care by pioneering innovative solutions for air containment, contamination control and controlled environments. Baker biological safety cabinets, clean benches, fume hoods, and pharmacy isolators provide unparalleled user and product protection for a variety of applications. Our solutions for cell science and oxygen regulation, including the Baker Ruskinn line of hypoxia workstations and anaerobic chambers, help improve research results by providing a more precise, controlled environment for low-oxygen and anoxic studies. Learn more about Baker solutions at

Bernstein Shur

(207) 774-1200

Bernstein Shur is one of northern New England’s largest multi-service law firms, with more than 100 attorneys in Portland and Augusta, Maine and Manchester, New Hampshire. Established in 1915, the firm provides practical legal counsel to a diverse group of public and private clients throughout the region and around the world. Bernstein Shur attorneys share a commitment to excellence and an unwavering dedication to client success.

Clients in a variety of unique and challenging commercial endeavors turn to Bernstein Shur for its expertise and experience in the areas of business law, real estate, construction law, business restructuring and insolvency, tax law, employment law, intellectual property, and finance. .

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, an independent not-for-profit research institution on the coast of Maine, conducts research ranging from microbial oceanography to large-scale ocean processes that affect the global environment. What we are learning is essential to the conservation and responsible use of the ocean and the many valuable services it provides.Recognized as a leader in Maine’s emerging innovation economy, the Laboratory’s research, education, and enterprise programs are spurring significant economic growth in the state.

 To learn more, visit, @BigelowLab or call 207.315.2567 

Bio-Rad Laboratories (formerly BioProcessing, Inc.)

(207) 615-0571

Bio-Rad Laboratories continues to play a leading role in the advancement of scientific discovery by offering a broad range of innovative tools and services to the life science research and clinical diagnostics markets. Founded in 1952, Bio-Rad has a global team of more than 7,000 employees and serves more than 100,000 research and industry customers worldwide through the company's global network of operations. Throughout its existence, Bio-Rad has built strong customer relationships that advance scientific research and development efforts and support the introduction of new technology used in the growing fields of genomics, proteomics, drug discovery, food safety, medical diagnostics, and more.  Bio-Rad's Life Science Group develops, manufactures, and markets a wide range of laboratory instruments, apparatus, and consumables used for research in functional genomics, proteomics, and food safety. The group ranks among the top five life science companies worldwide, and maintains a solid reputation for quality, innovation, and a longstanding focus on the success of its customers.

Charlotte Crowder, MPH, ELS

Charlotte Crowder is a freelance medical writer and a certified editor in the life sciences, with a master’s degree in public health. She has more than 15 years’ experience writing and editing regulatory documents for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Trained in the techniques of plain language, she also develops easy-to-understand materials for lay audiences that provide a clear explanation of medical terminology and procedures. She is available to write or edit materials on a full range of medical topics for either patients or health professionals.  


Contact: e-mail:, Phone: 207/326-8924

City of Portland


Portland is located on the coast of southern Maine, and is the State’s largest city. We are a northern New England center for innovation, commerce, finance, health care, IT, the marine industry, arts and entertainment, and post-secondary education. The biosciences are recognized by Portland as an important sector of the economy with high growth, high value potential and quality jobs. In collaboration with its regional partners (in academia, finance, science and business), the City is focused on bioscience business retention and expansion as well as attraction, both nationally and internationally. The Portland Technology Park is an environmentally friendly campus for innovative high tech companies – biosciences and others. Growing regional companies and international companies seeking to open satellite research and development facilities in the United States will find a home at the Park. It is set amidst natural woodlands and adjacent to two hundred acres of forested lands and trails, but is minutes from the Interstate and the Portland International Jetport. The following link provides further information on the Portland Technology Park The City contact is Nelle Hanig at

Clear H20

(207) 221-0039

ClearH2O is a Maine-based technology company meeting the needs of leading industry researchers and breeders with products that hydrate, nourish and enrich research animals. A strategic partnership with food and nutritional scientists allows us to provide cost-effective solutions to address unmet market demands, while saving time and labor. ClearH2O gels are always consistent, eliminating nutrition and hydration variables in research.

Fish Vet Group, Inc.

(207) 699-5903

Working with fish farmers, regulatory authorities, food processors, aquarists and aquaculture industry suppliers since 1995, Fish Vet Group provides a comprehensive range of clinical, technical and advisory services.

Fish Vet Group is a progressive Benchmark consultancy. It applies the 3Es principles to assist the world’s aquaculture industries meet standards required for sustainability.

Fluid Imaging Technologies

(207) 289-3200

Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc. manufactures industry-leading imaging particle analysis instruments. Its flagship product, the FlowCam®, is the first automated digital imaging and flow cytometery instrument for measuring size and shape of microscopic particles and cells in a fluid medium. With applications in oceanographic research, municipal water, biopharmaceutical formulations, chemicals, oil and gas, biofuels and many other markets, Fluid Imaging Technologies continues to lead the way in imaging particle analysis. Contact us at

Furman Gregory Deptula

(207) 571-9365

A full service boutique law firm that specializes in start up technology companies and organizations that seek to raise outside funds from individual investors and venture capital firms. We are all senior lawyers accessible to small businesses with collectively over 100 years of experience.

Corporate formation, licensing, strategic partnering, financing and securities, trademark/branding, advertising and promotion law, tax, merger and acquisitions, international sales and distribution arrangements, FDA regulatory legal issues, CLIA and biobanking advice.


GenoTyping Center of America


GenoTyping Center of America was founded in 2012 to address the growing need for fast, accurate and cost-effective genetic testing services. We provide genotyping and other genetic confirmatory testing services for human and animal model samples so researchers can move their studies forward with confidence. Our proprietary DNA isolation and independent assay verification methods deliver validated results in just 2-business days. Our services fit seamlessly into client workflows and keep research projects moving forward efficiently.

Idexx Bioresearch








IDEXX BioResearch serves professionals in the biomedical and life science fields with the most comprehensive suite of innovative biological materials testing and laboratory animal diagnostic instruments and services, including

Health monitoring
Diagnostic screening
Genetic testing services
Cell line authentication
Clinical and anatomic pathology
Contract research

From highly respected educational institutions to world-class pharmaceutical companies and independent researchers, our partners have come to expect only the best from us—from industry-leading products and services to our world-class team of veterinarians, PhD microbiologists, molecular biologists, and geneticists.

Jackson Laboratory

Kennebec Regional Development Authority


The Kennebec Regional Development Authority is a quasi-municipal entity created by the State legislature. As such, it has unique powers and capabilities that can provide creative financing solutions for investments and developments (for profit and not-for-profit) throughout Kennebec, Somerset and Waldo Counties. FirstPark represents such a development – in which twenty four municipalities share the risk and reward of increased assessments and valuations. It represents a phenomenal network that can link investors and developers to resources and leads throughout the State and beyond. Our scope allows regional approaches and capabilities to the business of creating investment and full employment. In a business that is all about connecting the dots, the greater the constellation – the greater the patterns of opportunity. So come view our stars. We invite you to see the value of our Perfect Universe for your investment decision. We’ll help you connect the dots.

Laurus Syntheis

Leiner Optics


Medical optics consulting - We  assist companies in transfering the clinical goals of their medical device into an optical system or subassembly that performs its tasks optimally and is manufactured cost-effectively.


Our services: 

  • recommend and/or vet the project team.
  • follow the development and participate in regular design reviews, helping to make sure the engineering path continues to make sense.
  • review breadboards and prototypes.
  • participate in FMEA and Risk Analysis.
  • review your Quality System: ISO 9001/13485 Gap Analysis.

 In addition, we offer the following non-product related services: 

  • In-house short courses in medical optics and endoscopy
  • Medical device landscape analysis
  • IP and patent assistance
  • Expert witness

M. Kagan & Associates

207 207-564-3030

Consulting to early stage medical device and diagnostics companies in areas of technology assessment, product development, manufacturing, design controls, quality systems development

Maine & Company

(207) 871-0234

Maine & Company provides free and confidential consulting services to businesses looking to relocate to Maine or expand within Maine.  Our services include real estate site searches, data collection and analysis, incentives identification and valuation, site visit coordination, workforce analysis, and financing coordination.  We are your one-stop shop for business relocation or expansion. 

Maine & Company is a private, non-profit corporation with members and a board comprised of senior executives from Maine’s top businesses, the president of the Maine State Chamber of Commerce and the commissioner of Maine's Department of Economic & Community Development.

Maine Biotechnology Services, Inc.

(207) 797-5454

Maine Biotechnology Services, Inc. (MBS) is a custom antibody discovery company located in Portland, Maine. MBS was founded in 1990 by Dr. Joseph Chandler as a full service antibody development and production company. Since then, MBS has stayed committed to building on the products and services offered, while at the same time improving and refining core proficiencies in monoclonal antibody development, polyclonal antibody development, bulk antibody production, purification, and antibody post processing.

Maine Medical Center Research Institute (MMCRI)

(207) 885-8121

The Maine Medical Center Research Institute supports and encourages a broad spectrum of research at Maine Medical Center ranging from basic laboratory-based research through the translational research, which works to apply basic discoveries to medical problems, to clinical research, which studies the direct application of new drugs, devices and treatment protocols to patients, to health services research which seeks to use research methods to help improve and evaluate health care delivery programs and new technologies.                                                                                                                                          

We have world-class scientists working on the most advanced biomedical problems. We have been successful in bringing the benefits of new discoveries to our patients and to the world, and we have an ongoing commitment to continue to be one of the very best biomedical research communities.


Maine MEP

(207) 623-0680

Maine MEP is a unique resource for manufacturing and its supply chain in Maine.  We create opportunities for Maine's small and medium sized manufacturers, by helping them become more efficient, productive and globally competitive.  We are an organization with a culture of innovation that leverages MEP resources in the application of new ideas to clients, products and processes in pursuit of profits.        

The Maine MEP is part of a nationwide network of technical, manufacturing and business specialists linked together by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST); the Maine MEP is a unique resource for manufacturing in Maine.

Maine Molecular Quality Controls, Inc. (MMQCI)

(207) 885-1072

Maine Molecular Quality Controls, Inc. (MMQCI) designs and markets molecular controls for use in inherited disease testing, infectious disease detection, and pharmacogenetics.

As experts in quality assurance of laboratory medicine, MMQCI produces high caliber controls uniquely suited to monitor all phases of molecular testing as required by best practice and regulations. MMQCI controls provide confidence in test results.

MMQCI continues to design and produce innovative, high-quality control products as needed for emerging nucleic acid technologies as they come into use by the molecular diagnostic community. Custom orders from in vitro diagnostic manufacturers are always welcome at MMQCI's cGMP facility.

Maine Technology Institute (MTI)

(207) 582-4790

The Maine Technology Institute (MTI) is an industry-led, publicly-funded, nonprofit corporation that offers early-stage capital and commercialization assistance in the form of competitive grants, loans and equity investment for the research, development and application of technologies that create new products, processes and services, generating high-quality jobs across Maine.

MDI Biological Laboratory


The MDI Biological Laboratory is a rapidly growing, independent, nonprofit biomedical research institution. Its mission is to develop solutions to complex human and environmental health problems throug basic research, education, and development ventures that transform discoveries into cures. Through a variety of ventures, discoveries are being transformed into new therapeutics that actiate and enhance tissue repair and regenerative processes and slow or reverse degenerative changes that occur as humans age.

Meridian Life Science, Inc.

(207) 283-6500

Meridian Life Science is committed to providing high quality, immunological reagents for industrial and research customers worldwide. We are ISO 9001:2000 Certified, an FDA registered facility, and conform to cGMP-QSR (Quality System Regulation) standards. We welcome you to revisit our easy-to-navigate website where you will find a complete listing of 5,000+ Products conveniently organized by Product Line. Just click on a catalog number to see a product's Specification Sheet.

We customize and manufacture products for our industrial customers. All requests are considered confidential.

Northeast Laboratory Services

Quiet Therapeutics

617 588-3797

Quiet Therapeutics is a cancer drug discovery and development company pioneering a new generation of cancer therapeutics utilizing its proprietary targeted nanomedicine platform, called GAGomers. Quiet’s core technology was invented at Tel Aviv University, incubated in Israel, and has expanded into the US. The company’s mission is to create revolutionary therapies by unlocking the maximum potential of immuno-modulatory molecules and other anti-cancer agents in the tumor microenvironment while minimizing their systemic effects.

RockStep Solutions

(844) 800-7625

RockStep introduced its Cloud-First biomedical information platform, Climb™, in 2017. RockStep is changing the world of research laboratory workflows with the power, scalability, and advanced technologies of the Azure cloud. A Microsoft BizSpark partner company, RockStep has received funding from the National Institutes of Health to focus on transformative applications of emergent cloud technologies. Climb is a core component of the future lab which automates workflows and connects researchers around the globe so they can work together, improve efficincies and increase the pace of discovery.

Sea Run Holdings, Inc.

(207) 865-9655

Sea Run Holdings, Inc is a marine biotechnology company. We discover and develop innovative biologics and therapeutics from the blood of farmed salmon.

SLIPS Technologies

+1-617-360-7080, x702

SLIPS Technologies, Inc. (STI) is a venture-funded startup launched out of Harvard University and based in Cambridge, MA. STI makes SLIPS™, the world’s first and only fully-slippery coatings and materials that are unique because they present a 100% liquid interface to the outside world. Our surfaces have a stable and immobilized liquid lubricant film overlayer. This “liquid surface” is cost-effective, robust and self-healing, and it makes SLIPS™ highly repellent to virtually all liquids and biological fouling agents. SLIPS™ solves sticky surface problems in medical, industrial, and consumer applications – for example, barnacles sticking to marine vessels, bacteria sticking to medical devices, ice sticking to heat exchangers, and viscous fluids sticking inside containers.   The SLIPS™ award-winning technology opened a completely new field in materials science that has been adopted by researchers worldwide. STI is developing products for sale and distribution through strategic partners and OEMs. In addition, we develop customized SLIPS™ solutions for our customers’ own products and materials through joint development programs or licensing arrangements.

Sun Diagnostics, LLC

Sun Diagnostics, LLC strives to identify and develop new products for the in vitro diagnostic (IVD) industry that will contribute to the advancement of laboratory medicine and improve healthcare.
Our focus is on innovative products that meet the needs of patients, clinicians, laboratories, and researchers.



TechPlace is a business incubator for start-up and early stage companies in five target industries – Aerospace/aviation, bioscience, composites and advanced materials, IT, and renewable energy.  The Mission of TechPlace is to provide office space, industrial space, shared shop/lab space, and educational opportunities that help foster the growth and success of new, innovative companies in Maine.  We opened our doors in February 2015 and currently have 22 business entities that call TechPlace home.  Those 22 businesses have already experienced growth and have created 17 new jobs that range in scope from assemblers, sales representatives, lab technicians, and product managers.  TechPlace has the capacity to host over 40 technology companies in their current facility.

Virostat, Inc.

(207) 856-6620

ViroStat was founded in 1985 by Dr. Douglas McAllister to provide infectious disease antibody tools to researchers and manufacturers. These include the areas of virology, bacteriology and parasitology. Applications for these include detection of respiratory agents, STD agents, gastrointestinal agents/toxins and food borne pathogens.

The company offers more than 500 infectious disease reagents including their MONOTOPE™ monoclonal antibodies, OMNITOPE™ polyclonal antibodies and numerous recombinant antigens. Many of these antibodies are used by manufacturers of rapid, point of care tests currently made and sold in the US.

Because ViroStat is the primary manufacturer of these antibodies, they have the knowledge and experience to offer excellent customer service and technical support to your laboratory staff on any scale from 100 ug to 10 grams.