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ME BioScience Day is a chance for bioscience companies in Maine to share their success stories with middle school students, raise awareness of the impact and opportunities within our industry in the state, and inspire the next generation of young Mainers to develop careers within our industry.

The scope of this event is for a number of bioscience companies in Maine to put one or more employees in a local middle school classroom for a brief presentation on the company, its products, and opportunities for Maine students post-graduation. The presentation is  followed by an interactive activity designed to give students a chance to explore and experience science.


ME BioScience FAQs:

How long are the presentations?

Presentations are designed to be 15-30 minutes long.  Presenters will be asked to talk to a group of 20-30 middle school students, rotating between different classes, depending on the school’s needs.  In some cases the groups may be larger, or more than 1 presenter from the same company will be visiting the same school. BIOMEwill help coordinate presenters speaking with their school hosts to figure out how many presentations the teachers would like and let them know how much time they are able to spend at the school. 

What is the presentation’s format?

Since speakers will be representing diverse backgrounds and industry fields, there is a lot of room for flexibility when it comes to the presentation itself. Teachers are encouraged to discuss any classroom needs with the presenters.

We encourage our speakers to bring props – the more the students can see, touch and experience for themselves, the more engaged they will be. The idea is to show them that science is fun and that there is work for scientists and support employees in life sciences in their home state, and often right in near their homes. Hands on activity is not required but is strongly encouraged.

What will the content be?

The actual content will depend on the presenter and whatever their specialty/ industry field is but to align the presentation with the event’s goals, the following points will be included:

 1) The scientist's story - how and why they became a scientist

2) If the presenter works for a specific company – general information on the company and what it does/ manufactures (if possible, the presenters will bring props, devices etc)

3) A brief discussion on the types of jobs your company has (not everyone in a bioscience company is a “scientist”!) and why it is still important to have a good education in science.

4) Hands on activity - this will depend on your specialty and the specific nature of your company. If you are involved in diagnostics, you could bring some diagnostic tests for students to use.  It could also be a science experiment or making a model of something the company makes. 

 All other details will depend on the presenters and whatever cool story they have. We encourage presenters to be open to the school's needs and discuss the presentations with teachers prior to their visit.

Can I choose the company who we want to work with?

Our intention is to match schools and companies based on the geographical location. We are definitely open to your suggestions!


If you are representing a middle school in Maine and would like to host a life science presenter on November 8, 2017, please contact us at